Monday, March 30, 2015

High five for the Easter bunny

Over the weekend, we did lots of fun Easter stuff. On Friday, we dyed eggs. Well, I did most of the dying and Olivia added stickers and played with the eggs. She had more fun taking them out of the bowl and putting them back in over and over than actually making them look pretty. Then she learned how to break them, she started to take off pieces of the shell and that was the end of that. On Saturday we went to the mall to get her picture taken with the Easter bunny. I wasn't sure how she was going to react because Santa did not go well this year. She didn't cry with him but she just wanted to get off his lap immediately. The line was much shorter than it was for Santa, there were only two people ahead of us so I figured it would be quick. Nope, they wanted their infant son to smile and that wasn't happening so they kept trying but eventually gave up. It took almost ten minutes and it was finally our turn. Olivia did really well, she even smiled! She definitely liked the Easter bunny better than Santa. I kind of thought she would since she loves animals. After she got her picture taken, they gave her some jellybeans and she even gave the bunny a high five. When we were done with that, I brought her to the play area so she could run around for a while. She absolutely loved it, just like last time. Paul hates the play area because there's always a lot of kids and most of them are bigger than Olivia so he was getting pretty nervous. I don't worry because I've seen her get knocked down before, she gets right back up and continues to run around and have fun. We also took her to the pet store and she had a blast in there. She was going wild when she saw the rabbits, she wanted to hug one so bad, she was pressing her face up against the glass. The mall isn't my favorite place to go but it was a really fun day, I'm so glad we took her.


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